Couple Works To Save Stray Cat Found FROZEN To The Ground!

A couple in Russia were passing by when they noticed a strange lump on the ground. A stray cat with no collar shivering in place, fur covered in frost and whiskers frozen solid. The cat was visibly shaking and they quickly realized that she wasn’t able to move to a warmer spot. Her paws, tail, fur, and underbelly had been frozen to the ground…and she didn’t have enough body heat to free herself.12-5z10They knew that they needed to work quickly to save the cat! They brought a bucket of hot water (which would be merely warm once it was outside due to the temperatures) and slowly sloshed small amounts of water onto the cat’s paws. It took several tries to free each paw, and the water began to re-freeze between each attempt.12-5z11He held the cat by her scruff while his wife gently worked the warm water around the cat’s fur until the ice melted. They were worried that the cat would be too frightened and rip its fur or skin away in an attempt to escape. After several minutes, they finally freed the car and wrapped her in a warm blanket, taking her inside to thaw out.12-5z12Once she was dried and warm, they posted more pictures to show everyone that she was perfectly fine and recovered! Three days later, this cat had found a new home and was as cuddly as ever. If they hadn’t decided to help, there is no telling what would have become of this poor, frozen animal!


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