Couple Who Saved Drowning Boy During Wedding Photo Shoot Given A HUGE Reward!

A few weeks after abandoning his wedding photographs to save a drowning boy, Clayton Cook and his new wife, Brittany, have been receiving a lot of praise from people around the world. The moment was captured by photographer Darren Hatt, of Hatt Photography, and they began getting calls, offers, and well-wishes from people they never expected to hear from as a result.

They are now being given a honeymoon in the UK for the heroic actions of the quick-thinking groom who didn’t hesitate to save the drowning child.

In the following weeks, their marriage was filled with constant calls and emails from complete strangers. They didn’t plan for the media coverage that would surround their wedding and were excited to be invited to meet Ellen DeGeneres shortly afterwards!

But he doesn’t feel like a “hero,” and thinks that if it had been anyone else in his position, they would have immediately done the same thing.

As a part of the show, DeGeneres announced that a big company had offered to pay for the newlyweds to have the honeymoon they’d always dreamed of! Seeing real rewards for people just out doing the right thing made the story even sweeter, and people are glad that so many others were willing to support the Cooks for the heroic deed!

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