Couple Who Hoped For A Daughter Have Just Welcomed Their 12th Son!

The age range is from an infant to 21-years-old, and out of their dozen children, not a single one is a girl. The Schwandt family chooses to find out the sex of their children on the day of their birth, so it’s almost like a lottery for them. Although they were trying to have a little girl, they “just knew” that it would be another boy. While they will probably try again to bring a touch of feminine flair to their family, their hopes aren’t very high at this point.

Dad works from home to support the kids and is worried about college and cars. While their oldest son is grown, they have three boys in high school and two who already have cars. He jokes that their driveway will very soon look like a used car lot with all of the vehicles!

Having a large family is what they wanted, and continuing to add more children doesn’t scare them. Their lives are hectic and “filled with testosterone,” but dad just says “we’ll let nature take its course! If its meant to be, I’m sure it’ll be another boy.”7.14a15

Many people are shocked at the number of children in this family. In a time when most families only have a few children due to finances and resources, seeing another grow and grow and grow is a lot to take in! The family is happy, healthy, and excited for their newest edition! Who knows, maybe the next one will be a girl!

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