Couple Wants To Start A Family…Ends Up With THREE Pairs Of Twins!

Carrie and Craig dreamed of starting a family, but they were certain that they would never be able to have children of their own. They decided to adopt, and soon found twins in the United States that needed a home! On February 28th, the babies were born and welcomed into their new home. They were happy, healthy, and little did they know…barely starting their journey!

The next year, their birth mother became pregnant again…with another set of twins! She wanted them to be raised together, if possible, and let the family know.

On February 28th, the very same day exactly one year apart, the family welcomed a second set of twins! It was a lot to take on, and the family was awarded a grant to help pay for the adoption!

And then, the story gets even crazier!A year after adopting the second set of twins, Carrie discovered that she was pregnant with twins! Incredibly…

The twin girls were born on February 28th.

The story is so perfect, it’s almost unbelievable…but there is the evidence in the picture above! This family had their love doubled three times over with six little miracles!

As one comment said, “February 28th is their new Christmas!”

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