Couple Receives Death Threats Over The Color They Painted Their House

Keely and Peter moved to a new home, adding a pool, a gazebo, and having a wedding ceremony in the backyard. To make the place feel more like home, they asked the homeowner’s association to paint their home a vibrant shade of teal. Their request was approved, and the home stood proudly along the street, the large Victorian style house reflecting the tastes of its inhabitants.

But a realtor posted a picture of the home on a forum, and the public went wild. They hated it and neighbors of the couple demanded that it be repainted. They called the home all sorts of nasty names…and then began to say the same things about the people who lived there, sending horrifying notes and making threats.

When the couple realized that strangers were creeping by their home to take pictures, they were shocked. They had gotten permission from the association to paint their home, but within a week, received a notice that they must re-paint everything.11-10a10Neighbors want to know why the bright color was approved in the first place, citing concerns over the future value of their own homes. They claim that prospective buyers wouldn’t want to move in next to “an Easter egg” home.

While it wasn’t the welcome they were expecting, the couple plan to paint their home a new color…as soon as they receive a more accurate list of colors that they are allowed to choose from!

Do you think that these neighbors have a point, or is it really none of their business?


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