Couple Purchases 20ft Christmas Tree To Create This STUNNING Illusion!

What is stopping you from purchasing a 20-foot fir this holiday season? Your roof? This couple proves that not even a shingled roof is enough to stop their festive holiday plans!

Twitter user @aidanswalt posted this picture of his home…and people can’t stop laughing! They went out and saw a beautiful tree towering above the rest and just knew that they had to have it. It wasn’t going to fit into their home, of course, but that was all a part of the fun!Once the enormous tree had been picked out, they took it home (or had it delivered, although they haven’t specified) and cut off the top. They secured it to the roof just above the bottom half of the tree and decorated it exactly the same. With hundreds of twinkle lights glittering around the massive tree, it was bound to turn some heads in the neighborhood!

The gorgeous bright star on the top makes the illusion complete and has probably already distracted several drivers passing through the neighborhood.

Would you do this to your home? The whimsical idea is quickly becoming a favorite to thousands of people who have seen it…and we wouldn’t be surprised if even more trees are displayed like this next year! Too cool!

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