Couple Married 71 Years Die Within 4 Minutes Of Each Other

Vera and Wilf Russell lived exciting, full lives, and in the end, they completed their journeys at the same time.

After being diagnosed with dementia the year before, Wilf had to be moved to a care home in order to have all of his needs met. His condition worsened, and at 93 years of age, he eventually forgot his wife. When Vera, 91, went to visit him, he didn’t recognize her. Her children report that her health began to decline starting from that day. Vera and Wilf were practically inseparable since the day they met when she was 16 and he was 18. He served in North Africa with the RAF, and when he returned from the Second World War, they were married. They spent every night together up until Wilf was moved into the care home. Vera simply couldn’t bear it.

When she became ill, she was brought to a different hospital. Her granddaughter came to visit, and Vera asked where Wilf was. Her last words were of her life-long sweetheart.

We’re a right pair, aren’t we?” Vera said.

She didn’t know it, but at 6:50 AM, Wilf passed away. Just 4 minutes, later, Vera followed just three miles away at 6:54 AM.

She was heartbroken without him, and maybe somehow, she knew when the end had come for them both. Their family plans to hold a joint funeral to honor their lives.

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