Couple Makes The Most Of Their 10 Year Anniversary Photos With Hilarious Spin

Family pictures are a big deal for the VanHorn family, and they wanted to do something that reflected their relationship. While sifting through old family photo albums, they realized that many of the pictures from their own childhoods were oddly…decade-specific. They had each been born in the 80s, so most of the pictures from family and friends had that iconic flare of too-high waistbands, frizzed hair, and bold patterns. They decided to embrace the weirdness and planned a photo session that quickly went viral.They donned the most decade-specific clothing items that they could dig up and found the accessories to match! He wore large glasses and she copied that makeup look that many of us regret to this day. They posed as awkwardly as possible…and nailed it!The poses, the expressions, the clothing, and even the backgrounds were as “eighties” as possible! They weren’t going to cut any corners. If they were going to do it, they were going to commit.Their photographer at Giggle Monster Photography did a great job and was all too thrilled to add something hilarious to his portfolio. The era was captured in comedic form, but it also showed off the couple’s love of a good joke.

We met in high school chemistry class 16 years ago and we’ve been together ever since. We have 3 young boys as goofy as us and it’s rare a day goes by without something causing us to laugh so hard we cry. We try to always have fun, and can definitely be very spontaneous. You can browse through each of our pictures and see that we always try to have fun and be positive. We are very much a team…. and we try to make decisions together, parent together, and most importantly have fun together,” they wrote.

No wonder people love these pictures!

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