Couple In Texas Chases Tornado For One STUNNING Reason!

25 year old storm chasers, Alex and Britney, had only ever seen one tornado together – and it was a sigh to remember!

Alex began chasing storms in 2010, and when he met Britney, knew that she’d love it as well. He had taken her along about one year ago, but they missed the storm and it just never worked out that they had seen one at the same time.

He is a millworks specialist at Home Depot and had a crazy idea a few months ago: to propose to Britney in front of a storm.

I wanted to combine my two greatest loves — Britney and mother nature — into one shot,” he said. “I wasn’t scared of the tornado, the only nerve-wracking part was the proposal itself!”

They weren’t sure if this would be “the storm,” but as they got closer and closer, they realized that they had caught a tornado! They were roughly 1 mile away from the twister when they got out of their car and were photographed in this one beautiful moment.

Usually, Alex likes to get as close as possible. This time, he says that he didn’t want to put too much at risk. The pair plan to marry in late 2019 “hopefully with calmer weather!”

It was the first storm that the couple was able to see together since trying over a year ago. It made the even so much more special!

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