Couple Had No Surviving Photographs From Their Wedding Day. 40 Years Later? WOW!

On July 7th of 1979, Timothy and Jennifer were married in front of their friends and family. It was a modest affair. They had purchased a home together and wanted to save money where they could. One of the ways they did this was to have their friends and family capture the event with their own cameras. It saved them the cost of a professional photographer and would be from the perspective of the people they cared about the most.

But the day after they dropped off the film to be developed, the pharmacy caught on fire and everything was destroyed. Their memories lived on only in their minds. Two weeks later, Jennifer’s father passed away. They had nothing to remember their big day by, and it was heartbreaking…but they had each other.For their 38th anniversary, their daughter decided that it was finally time to document her parents’ marriage – even if it was decades later!

They recreated the event in spectacular fashion, and from the pictures, it was clear that they were still madly in love even after so many years had passed. The best part? It was all a surprise until the morning of the photoshoot! Their daughter purchased the two dresses for her mother and booked the hair, nails, and makeup appointments. She only told them that they needed to be available on the date of the shoot – and wouldn’t give any more details!

When they finally learned what their daughter had planned, they were ecstatic!

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