Couple Exchange Vows Just Hours Before Bride Passes Away

One year prior, David proposed to his girlfriend of one year on a beautiful Saturday in December, but an unexpected diagnosis shocked them to the core. That morning, Heather arrived at her doctor’s appointment and received the harrowing news: a lump had been discovered as cancerous. David still proposed. Five days later, the official diagnosis shocked them further as the cancer was an aggressive form that would most likely spread. They moved forward with their wedding plans anyway, setting the date for December 30th, 2017.

She fought through chemotherapy and treatments for the better part of a year, but the cancer spread to her brain, lungs, and lymphnodes. After doctors gave her the grim diagnosis, they explained that she wouldn’t live to see her wedding just a few days later. They decided to move the ceremony up. They invited everyone who mattered to them and exchanged their vows in the hospital’s chapel.

They were overjoyed to spend what little time they had left as man and wife, and although many tears were shed throughout the day, they were glad to have spent the day with family and friends.
She wore her dress, had cake, celebrated with family and friends, and spent her last hours with her incredible husband. Just eighteen hours after saying “I do,” Heather passed away. Her original wedding date became the date of her funeral in the same church. The bittersweet eulogy given by her husband was heartbreaking, but the family wanted to share the story to inspire others.

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