Couple “Caught” At Red Sox Game On The Big Screen…People Were SO Sure They Were Cheating!

Do these people look guilty? Hundreds of thousands of people did. When this couple was caught on the big screen at a Red Sox game, their behavior seemed suspicious to a lot of people. They looked away, put their heads down, and this guy’s expression just made people think that they were probably cheating.

Thousands of people banded together to try and find out who the people were and who they were cheating on. Eventually, they found the guy…but as the story spread, people who knew him in real life burst into laughter. They knew him and they recognized the woman he was with; his wife. They were amused to find out that they were “internet famous” and that he had been nicknamed “the side guy!”

They didn’t remember seeing themselves on the big screen, and they don’t remember why they looked so very “guilty,” but they posted a picture prove that they were, in fact, very happily married! No cheating here!
They were a bit concerned that the internet could come together in some sort of “grab your torch and pitchforks” sort of mob and find them so quickly, but it stands as a message to actual cheaters.

You might think you’re getting away with something…but the truth is that you’re only getting away with something for now! One day, someone will figure it out, and hopefully, it won’t be hundreds of thousands of people on the internet.

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