Cornstarch Transformed This Wall Of Windows Into A Cozy Room WITHOUT Curtains!

When she realized that she needed privacy in a room with massive windows, she found herself conflicted. Curtains would block people from seeing her, but they would also block out the natural light. There were shutters on the window, but while they blocked people from seeing inside of her bedroom, it was still the same problem as curtains. She got creative and posted this incredible DIY for everyone to try!

The first step was to choose lace and cut it into strips that would fit inside of each window panel! The second was to mix up a batch of cornstarch into a paste…

Mix up 2 tablespoons cornstarch with 2 tablespoons of cold water. Once they’ve been combined, mix in a cup of boiling water to create a paste. She brushed the paste lightly onto the windows and “painted” down her strips of lace!The lace is easier to work with than regular fabric because the holes in the lace didn’t trap any air bubbles underneath. After coating the lace with the paste, she let it all dry for several hours. In the end, she had a gorgeous way to keep others from looking in, blocking what was probably a strange view, and letting in all of that natural light!Would this work for your home?! We love it!

Check out her full tutorial here.

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