Cops Were Going To Give Him A Ticket For Not Using A Warning Triangle…They Left The Scene Laughing!

In Lithuania, it is illegal to be stopped on the highway without a proper red, reflective triangle to warn off other drivers. This helps to prevent accidents and for drivers to receive assistance quicker. Drivers must also keep a reflective vest and up-to-date first aid kit in their cars for emergencies. At traffic stops, these things are presented along with registration papers and licenses. 9.1a2

But this driver seemingly forgot to keep their warning triangle in the car, resulting in some quick-thinking that had the responding officers laughing instead of writing a fine!

No penalty for creativity!” The police said, posting the picture on social media.9.1a1The resulting image left many people with a lot of unanswered questions. For one, why did the driver have a bowl filled with tomatoes and red bell peppers? Why didn’t he place them farther away from his car? Apparently, the driver had an inkling that he could get away with the “red triangular shape” instead of the required safety triangle. Now, people are wondering if they might be able to get away with the same tactics!

Where is the line? People want to know. For now, we just have a good laugh at the antics of an unprepared driver and the police who thought it was too funny not to post on social media.


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