Cops Throw A “Super” Birthday Party For A Kid When No One Came To His Party!

Daniel Nicastro’s last two birthday parties ended with no guests, too much leftover food, and a very disappointed birthday boy. This year, his mother was not going to stand for it. She knew that her son idolized the police officers that he saw around town. He often called them “super heroes” and loved to watch their cars drive around town.

When no one RSVP’d to this year’s party, she sent an invitation to the North Port Police Department. She didn’t think that more than a few officers would show up for snacks and cake, so when 7 officers arrived at the venue, she was stunned…and little Daniel was ecstatic!

Daniel has autism, and the children his age just don’t understand his actions. “They don’t know what to make of it,” his mother says. In the end, the kids slowly back away and leave him on his own.6.23a11

After the awesome party, his mother send a thank you note to the officers.

He is still talking about it being the best birthday ever! Thank you, NPPD, you’ve made my son’s birthday extra special with his favorite super heroes!”

The department was so touched by the community’s reaction to their actions, they have decided to throw a community birthday event for other children in the area who have had similar experiences.

We want all our kids to know how special they are and see how much our community cares for them.”

Hopefully, more children will have the “best birthday ever” thanks to these “super” special cops!

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