Cops In Pennsylvania Waive Minor Traffic Violations In Exchange For Toy Donations

Driving around the holidays can be stressful! With so many errands to run and not a lot of time to get them done, many people end up making silly mistakes that can cost them a lot in traffic fines…but for a city in Pennsylvania, those fines might end up making Christmas morning a special time for children who might otherwise be left out.

The police began waiving citations for minor violations, and instead hand out a small flyer urging them to make a donation to this local charity! Instead of a few hundreds bucks, forgetting to use a blinker or not paying attention to the speed limit might cost drivers a fun children’s toy for the holidays.
People are excited about it. The Saint Mary’s Police Department posted the notice on their Facebook page to urge people to pay closer attention to traffic laws…but that small mistakes may end up being forgiven after they drop off a toy to their local police department!

Of course, they don’t want people making mistakes on purposeĀ to be given one of these slips of paper, and decided to ask everyone to spread the word that donations can be made without violating any of the rules.

Would your city try something like this?

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