Cops In Fort Worth Were Pulling People Over Left And Right…But They Weren’t Handing Out TICKETS!

The Fort Worth Police Department found themselves in a curious predicament. It was a Wednesday afternoon…and they had 25 frozen turkeys courtesy of Metro Ministries. They decided to stop speeders and surprise them with turkeys instead of tickets, and they shocked the grateful community! The nonprofit organization helps where it can to bridge the gap between police officers and members of poorer communities, and any are proud of the effort made on that Wednesday afternoon.Many people pulled over were expecting to be fined for moving violations or speeding, but were shocked when instead they were given a verbal warning and handed a turkey to cook for Thanksgiving! They were stunned by the move and were glad to have driven away without a fine – and dinner!11-18a21One woman was affected more than the others, however. Officer Buddy Calzada pulled over a single mother who could barely afford groceries each month. Not only was she speeding, the seat belts in her car didn’t work, and she had to use a wrench to pry open the doors. She started crying, telling him that she couldn’t even make enough to buy food for her family and she wouldn’t be able to afford a ticket…and was overcome with emotion when he handed her the frozen turkey instead of a fine.

11-18a22Would the officers in your community do something like this? These guys really made an impression in their community, and hopefully more and more departments will start to reach out in their own communities in time for the holidays!


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