Cool Your Drinks In Minutes WITHOUT Ice! This Hack Is So Easy!

Forgetting the ice can put an immediate downer on any get-together, but it doesn’t have to mean the end and it doesn’t have to be a party foul! Within 10 minutes, your beverages can be ice cold without having to make an ice run! It’s simple, fast, and only requires two things: paper towels and water. Yep.

They don’t even have to be super thick. Napkins will work as well if you don’t have paper towels.The water needs to be able to freeze, so having too much will not make this trick work.When the water freezes around the glass or the can, it will cool the beverage very quickly! As soon as you realize you don’t have ice (or you forgot to put drinks in the fridge), wrap everything in moist paper towels and watch the clock. Give it ten minutes and see how they feel. They should be ice cold and ready to serve! Not too many people know about this hack, but it is one of my favorites, by far! Some people have had luck by wetting the paper towels with salt water instead, claiming that the drinks were completely cold in only 6 minutes.

You probably won’t plan on using this technique on an everyday basis, but hopefully you’ll remember it the next time you’re in a jam! It’s easy, cheap, and works really well!

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