Cook A Meal Using A Can Of TUNA As The Flame!

Survival hacks come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is truly unique! By placing three sheets of unscented toilet paper over the top of a can of tuna, the oil can soak through and keep a flame going long enough to cook food! This trick only works if the tuna is soaked in oil, so don’t try it with water!Light each side of the paper! The flame will burn through the oil with a steady flame. Place the can under a grill and get cooking! For this example, they decided to make rice! Place the proportions of rice, water, and seasoning and cover until cooked! The tuna-can-fire lasts a long time!…and wait for your delicious meal!Once your rice is cooked, you can pair it with that smokey “BBQ” tuna! Remember this trick the next time you go camping for a quick and easy meal.While some people claim they can roast marshmallows using this method…we have to wonder if they may end up tasting a little “fishy!” What do you think of this cool survival hack?

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