Controversial Letter From A Teacher: “Parents Are The Problem”

“Parenting” will always be a topic of debate. What works for one family won’t work for another, and with the hundreds of methods floating around for discipline and child-rearing, it isn’t that surprising that school teachers often end up getting mixed up in the debate as well. A retired teacher decided to write a “letter to the editor” of her local paper…and it exploded! It has gone viral for more reasons that just the one.

The most controversial sentence?

…It is not the schools that are failing but the parents.”

Immediately, parents attacked both sides of this argument, some with outrage and others with applause. Is it truly the parent’s fault that the child doesn’t take notes in school, or does that mean the teacher is not engaging enough for a child to care? How would this apply to children that don’t have parents and are being raised in the foster system? Some parents want to know why homework is even necessary when their children already spend 8 hours a day in school – how will they find time to parent if two hours of their evening is spent trying to make a child focus when they are tired?

While some agreed that there is a small percentage of parents that truly don’t care, it isn’t fair to lump all parents together. Some insist that this teacher must just be a boring teacher if all of her students behave this way.

Where do you stand on this retired teacher’s angry letter?

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