Contact Lenses For Dogs Changed This Elderly Pit Bull Rescue’s LIFE!

Gremlin was estimated to be around 4 years old when she was rescued from a dog fighting operation. She was given a second chance at life, but 7 years later, she could barely see anymore. She has lived through cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, a blood disease, and countless other complications, but she persevered and even became a registered therapy dog!

After caring from Gremlin, her humans began rescuing and rehabilitating other sick, elderly dogs. They founded The Mr. Mo Project, a nonprofit organization that takes in elderly dogs so that they can live out the rest of their days surrounded by people that love them.

But about a year ago, they noticed that Gremlin was experiencing pain in her right eye and it had become cloudy. The vet declared that there was too much pressure behind her right eye that had caused permanent blindness and had to deaden the eye. With only one remaining eye with cataracts, Gremlin could barely see. They searched for dog-glasses (also known as “Doggles,”) but they found a veterinary ophthalmologist who decided to prescribe a contact lens instead.While specialized dog-lenses were very expensive, the doctor didn’t see why human-grade lenses wouldn’t work! They used a refractor to gauge Gremlin’s prescription…and as soon as they put the lens in, they noticed an immediate difference!Gremlin’s lens is changed once each week and no longer minds her humans touching her eye. After she gets a new lens, she is instantly more cuddly and playful. Being able to see again has made all the difference!

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