Concerned Dog Refuses To Leave Unconscious Owner After He Fell Out Of A Tree

Tony is a very loyal dog who was hanging out on the sidewalk while his owner, Jesus Hueche, was pruning a tree outside of his house in Argentina. He lost his balance and fell only six feet to the ground, but the way he landed caused him to fall unconscious. He his his head on the pavement, but Tony the loyal dog was at his side in moments.

Tony didn’t even leave when paramedics arrived to help. They placed Jesus in a neck brace, all while Tony watched on with a vigilant eye. Jesus eventually regained consciousness after paramedics arrived and was able to reassure his best friend perched on his chest before being taken into the ambulance.
Tony tried to go with his owner to the hospital, but the paramedics couldn’t let him in. A neighbor looked after Tony until Jesus returned from the hospital.

One day we saw him on the street and adopted him, gave him love, food and is part of our family. For me he’s like a son.” Jesus said about his dog.

Tony couldn’t wait to see Jesus again.

Dogs truly are man’s best friend! It was too bad that Tony couldn’t go to the hospital, but he was waiting – tail wagging – when Jesus finally came home!

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