Complicated Wi-Fi Juicing Machine Costs $700…To Squeeze A Pre-Made Juice Pack Into Your Glass

While the Juicero juicer comes with a lot of bells and whistles, it all boils down to one function: squeezing a juice pack into a cup.

The price has since been reduced to $400, but people are skeptical why they need it at all. The product claimed to “press” pre-chopped fruits and vegetables from packs that cost anywhere from $5 to $8 each (for a 10 ounce cup) and can only be purchased if you’ve already bought the juicer. The juicer also requires an internet connection to function and won’t press a juice packet if it is even 1 day past the expiration date. 

Each pack has a custom QR code that allows users to see where their juice came from, including specific farms and locations, and even the day it was packaged.

But is it worth it? The juicer uses “up to 4 tons of force” to press the juice with varying amounts of force depending on the vegetable or fruit placed inside…but people quickly discovered that the packs don’t actually need to be pressed with the machine. You could squeeze the juice out just fine with your own hands, and in less time.

Still, it is convenient, and for people who really love juice and have the money to buy $8 packets of juice each day, it’s a no-mess way to start the day…we guess. Who has time to open a carton of juice from the fridge these days?

It’s not a juicer, it’s a squeezer!” People joked.

The future is now.

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