Complete Strangers Had The Nerve To Say THIS To Her 3-Year-Old Son, And She Is Calling Them Out!!

This mom was shocked on the train one day. She was traveling with her son, a beautiful, bright little 3-year-old who only really cared about dinosaurs and chicken nuggets…until an outrageous encounter on the train.

If someone had said this to my kid, I would have done a lot more than just post about it onto Facebook. This kind of cruelty should not be tolerated, especially not in the year 2016!  Keep reading to see what this frustrated mom had to say about the entire ordeal, and think about how you can help as well.


Weight, skin color, height, gender, financial status…these are things that we hear about being judged by others each and every day. But now you want to add in that hair¬†color is cause for ridicule as well? When will people learn! Viewing people in a certain way and treating them differently just because of their outward appearance is ignorant. It makes sense that this way said by a young adolescent boy, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if this mom claimed a grown adult had said such things as well.

Teach your kids that discrimination is wrong. Call people out when you witness it happening around you. It might not ever completely disappear, but if even one person stopped to think before they made fun of someone else because of this mom’s post on social media, it was worth it. Don’t let kids get away with this sort of behavior.

I hope this mom is able to prove to her son that he should never be ashamed of the way he was born – and that over 250,000 strangers on the internet agree! He should be proud of his heritage and has the right to be confident in his own skin. I hope that this story was heard by that nasty boy on the train and that he reconsiders his actions the next time he tries to say something cruel to a toddler.

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