Complete Strangers Form A Human Chain To Rescue Swimmers Trapped In The Tide

On a beach in Buenos Aires, Argentina, lifeguards realized that there was a group of three swimmers that were struggling against the ocean’s undercurrents. The waves were larger than the group expected, and very quickly they realized that they were being towed out farther than they meant to. Once they were past the line of waves, they were trapped and were quickly being dragged out to sea.

Lifeguards are trained to watch out for these types of situations, and as soon as they noticed, ran as fast as they could to reach the stranded swimmers. The lifeguards swam as hard and fast as they could, and their actions alerted nearby beach goers that the situation was a lot serious than anyone had thought.
A few men began to go out towards the waves, and others ran after them once they realized that the entire group was in danger of being swept out to sea. They formed a human chain, essentially creating an anchor to pull the swimmers and lifeguards back to shore against the ocean’s current underneath the waves.

When the waves are choppy and rough, many people think that it is fun to go out as far as they can and “jump” over them. This pasttime can instantly go from fun to dangerous in just a matter of seconds. When the current picks up from underneath a wave, being swept away is the result.

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