Complete Strangers Banded Together To Keep Elderly Woman From Being Kicked Out Of Nursing Home

Carrie Lou Rausch had already done as much as she could to finance her stay in a nursing home. For the past three years, she had been living off of the sale of her childhood home, but recently the funds began to run out. She didn’t want to leave the friends and life that she had built for herself, but Medicaid didn’t cover her current facility and it meant she would have to move yet again.

Her children weren’t able to afford the cost of the living facility, but they decided to take a wild chance and ask strangers on the internet for help. Carrie Lou’s dauhter, Susan, set up an online fundraiser…and to their shock, hundreds of people pitched in!

At 107 years of age, Carrie Lou received over $56,000 in order to stay at the facility for another year!

Some people have criticized the family for not taking Carrie Lou into their home and refusing to move her into a Medicaid-approved facility, but more have pointed out that at her age, any drastic changes could lead to a number of new medical conditions – and they began sharing their own stories to prove it.

In the end, Carrie Lou will be able to enjoy another year in a facility with round-the-clock medical care, friends made over the years, and still live close to her family for frequent visits! She excited to be able to continue making the most of every day and is grateful for the donations that allowed her to continue living in a comfortable, familiar place.

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