Complete Strangers Approach Them In Tears And Ask To “Borrow” Their Child. Heartbreaking!

Taylor was vacationing at Disney World with her husband, Chris, and their adorable son, Oliver when they wanted to take a picture together. They asked a couple standing nearby if they would mind snapping this photo – and it came out great! They thanked the couple and went on with their day…but after a few minutes, that same couple returned. The man was in tears and wasn’t sure how to ask them a heartbreaking question.

Through broken tears, he went on to tell us they had four beautiful children, 3 of whom were in the park with their grandparents, while the fourth was spending his first birthday in heaven. Today, July 1st, would have been sweet baby Duke’s, who passed away just a few months ago, 1st birthday. Oliver reminded them so much of their little boy they asked to take him to Mouse Gear’s on a shopping spree for baby Duke’s first birthday.”

Taylor and Chris agreed, following the couple as they spoiled little Oliver with gifts and toys. 

After they bought him way to many toys, we all stopped in the middle of the store. We held each other and we prayed. God’s presence was so real and we worshiped and praised him for his ultimate design, for it was only God who could have brought us together.

As we left Sally told us that she prayed that God would send her closure and tonight was her gift from God. After tonight she could start to move on. To heal.”


The story immediately went viral. At first, Taylor hadn’t wanted to share it publicly, but knew that above anything else, it was a story about love, heartbreak, and finding peace. She hopes that the story will help other grieving parents find closure, even if it means something as nerve-wracking as asking strangers to “borrow” their child. It sounded nuts, but as thousands of grieving parents shared the post, she knew that she had done the right thing.

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