Company Installs Nauseating Floor Tiles For The COOLEST Reason! (Don’t Run, You Might Trip!)

Does this floor make anyone else nervous? The floor dips and curves in the strangest way and effectively stops visitors from running through the hallway…but it serves another purpose that is really turning heads!

Casa Ceramica, a tile company in the UK, decided to up their tile game by showcasing the endless potential for tile work by creating this stunning optical illusion. In order to enter the company’s showroom, potential customers (and curious passersby) have to navigate the “wave” of tiles! It is so realistic that even seeing it being made is dizzying. Seriously. This is amazing. The company’s owner, Duncan Cook, walks confidently across the stunning tile work. He didn’t even trip! Not even a little bit!Even watching the clip, it’s confusing. It’s a mind-bending illusion that was executed flawlessly and shows off the true potential of tiles. To make it even more impressive, the illusion was designed to only work on the way in, which is why he can walk out easily.

They hope to unleash the full potential of tile through their viral campaign. For now, we just hope to never come across one of these outrageous floor designs while trying to carry anything fragile. (I would definitely trip on my own feet).

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