College Students Ask Strangers For Food. They Get Responses And Make New Best Friends

College student, “Em,” is a college student from Texas who thought it would be fun to ask for food from total strangers. She and her roommate put a sign in their window facing the parking garage that simply said “BRING FOOD ROOM 449.” They weren’t sure what would happen, but it seemed like a fun idea. They’d either get free food, or they’d make a few people laugh. There wasn’t really much of a downside to it.

But one day, while walking back to her dorm, Em realized that the dorm below hers had responded!
They decided to take a humorous approach and be honest. Literally any food would be acceptable

The guys had another important question before they went along with their food-quest. The girls described themselves as “Slim Thicc,” basically “healthy.” The guys thought it was hilarious and brought up the only thing they had in their room: cheap microwave noodles.

The silly banter was shared on Twitter 100,000 times in just a few days and people are wondering if it was the start of something beautiful. They’re already joking about “how mom met dad,” and that the 300,000 people who liked the exchange were there from the very beginning!

Hey, at least they finally got food in the end!

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