College Student Wins Cash Prize For Having “Dirtiest College Apartment” In Britain

Brittani Cooper is a 19-year-old college student living in Gloucestershire living with five other friends. They are just your average college students, but when Cooper received an email from her dad, they quickly became a group of very unusual students. The email was a link to a competition for the “dirtiest college apartment” with a cash prize as a reward.

The roommates thought it would be easy cash and decided to try their best. Well, their best was certainly the worst!  They submitted their apartment to the contest…in all of its disgusting glory. They stopped taking out the trash, let dishes fester in the clogged kitchen sink, and didn’t put anything back into its regular place for added nastiness.

The bathroom was extra gross! But in the end, they won!They received a grand total of $640. They were very happy with the prize money, and were probably even MORE excited to clean everything back up again! We don’t blame them one bit…it must have smelled absolutely terrible in there! Yuck!

Would you do this for a contest?

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