College Professor Listed All Non-Classwork Activities Students Did During Class…One Of Them Is HILARIOUS!

At the University of Michigan, one college professor decided to give his students a reality check.

During his lecture, he decided to monitor the websites and activities that his students were browsing while he was attempting to get through their coursework. Every time a student was caught looking at something that wasn’t the lecture, it was recorded. At the end of the semester, this master list was put together, and college students everywhere thought it was hilarious.

    • (We have written his list out below.)

  • Chipotle menu
  • ESPN
  • Hamilton tickets
  • *Wolverine access
  • *Amazon
  • *Facebook
  • *Job applications
  • Conversation breaking up with boyfriend
  • *Huffington Post/Other News
  • Buying makeup
  • Pornography
  • *Reddit
  • <obscene messages>
  • *Tumblr
  • Looking at pictures of themselves in suits
  • A relay page?
  • Cooking show
  • Chinese rap videos
  • Buying $240 worth of turtle necks
  • Looking at pictures of sliced bread
  • Photoshopping President Trump onto muppets
  • Watching baseball/basketball/golf
  • Programming homework
  • Translating German
  • Taking selfies
  • Playing Mortal Kombat
  • Playing
  • Fantasy baseball/basketball
  • Breeding dragons game
  • playing racing game
  • Cat videos
  • *General shopping
  • Sex tapes
  • Drawing a tree? A squid?
  • Watching Planet Earth 2

Items with asterisks meant that multiple students had visited these sites more than once a day and were much more frequent than all of the rest. There were a few very specific items on the list, and people who saw it weren’t surprised by much…but the one thing that stood out to everyone?

Someone’s oddly specific purchase of $240 worth of turtle necks. Why?

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