Clueless Man Tries To “Educate” Woman On Indiana Jones’ Iconic Costume. Hilarity Ensues!

Indiana Jones has fans spanning several decades at this point, and its not surprising that hardcore fans take their lore very seriously. So, when a Jeopardy question popped up on one man’s television having to do with one of his favorite franchises, he took to Facebook to share his frustration. He was so sure that he was right that he went way too far defending his original statement…even after being told he was wrong. Only he was wrong. The man, known only as “Stanley,” was quickly corrected by Deborah Landis, the actual costume designer for Indiana Jones.

No. The question was exactly right because I provided itRaiders of the Lost Ark is almost frame for frame Secret of the Incas. Heston later wore the same gear in Greatest Show, but his adventure/treasure seeker Harry Steele came first.” She explained.

Given that she was responsible for the costume in the first place, you would assume that Stanley would back off. Alas, it was not meant to be, for poor Stanley couldn’t possibly be wrong! He doubled down.

But Landis wasn’t having it. Landis’ son shared the hilarious argument on Twitter where it INSTANTLY went viral! People were all too familiar with this scenario and were glad to share it.

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