Clothing Company’s Justification For This Terrible Ad Will Make You SO Angry!

Fashion companies often hire slimmer models to display their clothing, but this company went way too far with this tragic ad idea. Consumers have been petition for clothing brands to advertise their selection on models that better represent the “average” wearer – without photoshop – so that customers can see what each size will look like on their body type. But this company decided to show off their “straight vs. plus-sized” style of leggings by simply showing that the larger pair can fit the slim model in one leg.

Why they thought it was a good idea, we will never know.
It turns out that the seller, Arrive Guide, is unreachable. Despite the fact that the clothing is sold on Amazon, there is no contact information available. Amazon has admitted that they don’t have the manufacturer’s information.

That simple fact made it all so much worse – the seller just posted an offensive picture and said nothing. The product has since received so many 1-star reviews that the results are overwhelmingly negative.

Every plus-sized product features the slim model stretching out the material with her hand, and people are demanding answers. The only thing that people can do, it seems, is to not purchase the products. Eventually, the company might notice the lack of sales and investigate. Until then, customers are determined to keep fighting against offensive advertisements like this one!

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