Clever Idea Is Saving Animals From Drowning In Pools!

Finding an animal that didn’t make it after falling into the pool is always sad. Out in nature, they can easily walk or crawl back up the river bank and continue with their days…but in a swimming pool, there is nowhere to rest. Some pool owners try to leave covers over their pools when they aren’t in use, but this can get tedious and even many other owners don’t bother with it.

That’s where this clever little ramp comes in!With a weighted end keeping the ramp securely in place, it allows little animals to safely exit the pool before they drown. This particular version, called a Froglog, was developed by a wildlife biologist named Rich Mason.

He was saddened by the high number of creatures that easily found themselves trapped in neighborhood pools and decided to try and fix the problem. When wild animals fall into a pool, they immediately try to escape, clawing and swimming around the edge of the pool until they come across the floating net and are able to finally exit safely. The design allows for all sorts or assorted claws and feet to find a grip – and for those animals that can’t climb out, gives them a reprieve until a human finds them and saves them

This endangered species of snake found himself with a second chance at life due to the little ramp! Hopefully, more little animals will find safety after accidentally falling into a pool!

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