Clever Dad Builds This Awesome Wheelchair For His Daughter Fighting Cancer.

Evelyn Moore was only 4 months old when doctors diagnosed her with neuroblastoma. She fought a hard battle and underwent 8 rounds of chemotherapy to fight the cancer with everything she had. But the fight ended up paralyzing her from just underneath her arms and down when doctors discovered a tumor in her spine. In May of 2016, she was finally declared to be in remission, and although she had lost the ability to move her legs, she hadn’t lost her sense of adventure. 8.19a23The 1-year-old girl was starting to behave like a normal baby again, and her parents were thrilled…but like all children at that age, she wanted to explore. A customized wheelchair can be insanely expensive, and Evelyn was so young that her parents knew she would grow out of it in no time at all.

So dad, armed with $100 and creativity, went out and engineered this personal wheelchair for Evelyn. He researched a lot before her started and finally settled on a design he saw on Pinterest. He purchased a Bumbo chair, a cutting board, and two castor wheels. The chair is stable enough and safe enough that Evelyn’s parents feel confident in their daughter’s ability to maneuver freely.

She’s fearless,” her mother said.

Evelyn isn’t scared to roll quickly down hills or travel anywhere that the wheels will take her. She has her freedom. Even though the cancer took away her ability to walk, it didn’t take away her lively spirit, and her parents are eternally proud of her.


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