Clever Bus Driver Finds The Best Way To Rest On Long Breaks

On long journeys, bus drivers need breaks just like everyone else. Sometimes they need a place to take a nap and wait for their passengers to finish up their hour-long rest period. Sometimes, they need to kill time in the hours before their scheduled trips. Instead of spending that time in their buses in that same seat that they spend hours at a time in, they need a place to lie back and relax. One day, someone had a clever idea to wait out the time in luxurious comfort…and the idea took off!
A nice hammock made for camping turns out to be the perfect tool for bus drivers who need a way to spend their down time without having to find somewhere to sit and wait. Since sitting is literally a part of their job, being able to lie down is a nice change of pace! They attach the hammock to a street pole and secure the other end to the luggage hooks underneath their bus, creating a perfect place to lounge and stay out of the sun or rain, thanks to the door of the luggage compartment.

We’re not sure if this is the approved way to wait out the time in between trips, but it sure does look comfortable!

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