Claire Danes Has Upped The Bar By Wearing This MAGICAL Dress To The Met Gala! Watch What Happens When The Lights Go OFF!

The theme was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, and many people took it seriously…but no one took it as seriously as Claire Danes. In the light, her gown is a gorgeous, flowing organza piece designed by Zac Posen. What you can’t see are the 30 miniature battery packs that have been sewn into the gown’s skirts. Basically: don’t get it wet…you’ll see why!5.4a45

When the lights go out, the dress turns on in a stunning display of fiber optics that wowed everyone who saw it. The Met Gala is an exclusive invitation-only black-tie event on the first Monday in May. This annual event is for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. Tickets cost $30,000 and a table is $275,000, so people want to make sure that they look their absolute best! It is a benefit for fashion, after all. 5.4a46The dress is a wonder, and I have no idea how she managed to keep her head up while she walked! Anyone else would have been constantly marveling at the twinkling lights and mesmerizing colors. It seemed to change shades and hues almost constantly! How was anyone able to hold a conversation with her without talking at her dress? I’ll never know.

5.4a47And here is the work of art in action! Twirling around the room, this dress is a wonder of style and creativity! Though I do wonder how she was able to sit down.5.4a44

We may indeed be looking at the future! Will all clothing for special events light up the night at the press of a button? I sure hope so. I really, really love this!

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