Children’s Campsite Riddle Holds The Answer To 9 Simple Questions, But Some Are REALLY Hard!

Logic puzzles like this are easy, difficult, and incredibly popular…all at the same time. Sources believe that this image was first published from a magazine in Soviet Russia several decades ago, but it was uploaded and translated and has since been confusing people for the past year or so.

The goal is simple: answer 9 questions using details in the drawing to make your conclusions. One question, number 9, is baffling people not only because the logic required may have been forgotten in the decades since, but also because of the climate differences between continents.

Take a shot at this puzzle and scroll down for the answers!

1. How many tourists are staying at this camp?
Four. There are four plates and four spoons on the picnic blanket, and four names on the duty chart (even though the last name is obscured).

2. When did they arrive: today or a few days ago?
They arrived a few days ago, according to the spider’s web that had time to be spun.

3. How did they get here?
By boat; there are oars leaning against a tree.

4. Is the closest village far from there?
The village is nearby as a chicken has wandered into their camp presumably from a nearby home.

5. Where does the wind blow from: north or south?
The wind blows from the South. The windsock attached to the tent is waving towards the right, and the branches on the trees are smaller on the right side. Branches on the Southern side of a tree tend to grow longer.

6. What time of the day is it?
Morning. The shadows on the ground are coming from the East now that we know where North and South are, thanks to the previous question.

7. Where did Alex go?
Alex is catching butterflies behind the tent.

8. Who was on duty yesterday? (Name the person.)
Colin was on duty yesterday. Colin is looking in his backpack (marked with a ‘C’). Alex is catching butterflies. James is taking pictures (you can see a camera tripod sticking out of his bag marked with a ‘J’). That leaves Peter on duty today. According to the chart on the tree, Colin was on duty yesterday.

9. What is the date today?
According to the chart, today is August 8th; because Peter is on duty and there is a watermelon on the ground. While it may depend on where you live, watermelons naturally ripen in August, for the purposes of this puzzle.

How many were you able to get?

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