Chihuahua Puppies Born Without Front Legs Don’t Let Anything Stop Them From Having FUN!

As a result over over-breeding combined with inbreeding, two Chihuahua puppies were born in the same litter without front legs. The original owner of the dogs was not prepared for the time and energy it took to raise two puppies with disabilities and searched for a new home to give the dogs a better life. Little Kanga and tiny Roo had no idea just how awesome their life was about to get. After a year with their first owner, the puppies moved into a rescue shelter to await their new home.11-23a4A couple saw a post online about the puppies and just knew that they were meant to come and live with them. They began researching how to care for animals without legs – specifically missing both front legs – and modified their home in preparation. They placed soft blankets on hard surfaces and covered their floors with plush mats to prevent injuries.

And what’s even more incredible? The couple had a friend who works with prosthetic limbs! Using the latest technology, Kanga and Roo now how a way to get around using limbs that won’t chafe and perfectly support their little bodies!The dogs are now five years old and love their new life. Their owners make sure that their little wheel-limbs are always in perfect condition and adjust the balance as the dogs grow and change.

While these pups may have had a rough start in life, they are living the good life now, and are inspiring other families to adopt dogs with disabilities.


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