Chick-Fil-A Caters To Young Mothers By Introducing “Mommy Valet”

One of the main reasons that families don’t go out to eat? The hassle. Chick-Fil-A wanted to find a way to help make dining out easier on parents, and by targeting a specific demographic, they seem to have figured it out!

They are calling it “Mom’s Valet,” and we can only hope that other food chains adopt the idea, too!
The idea is simple:

You’ll drive up to the drive-thru window and order your food. Then, after specifying how many children need high chairs, mom can park, get her kids out of the car and into the restaurant…

Where the food will be set and ready to eat! The booster seats and high chairs will be set up, and mom won’t have to do anything but get the kids to sit down! No fighting, no shuffling, just a simple meal ready-to-go!

Restaurants can choose to participate in this practice if they feel their traffic warrants the service, and if they feel their customer might benefit from it.

Our hope is that with ongoing improvements to our mobile ordering app, all customers will have access to this level of convenience in all locations in the future.”

But some people aren’t ready for the new changes coming to the chain. They also plan to get rid of their famous cole slaw and replace it with a kale salad.

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