Celebrity Feuds Have Nothing On Orlando Bloom Calling Out Emma Stone For Stealing His Look

For moviegoers in 2001, Orlando Bloom stole hearts with his iconic character Legolas, a character from the Lord of The Rings trilogy. The signature pale blonde hair and light eyes made his character rather unforgettable…until people realized that Emma Stone plays an eerily similar character in the TV show Maniac. The show is planned to be released on Netflix, and Bloom noticed the similarities immediately…

As Stone’s character has similar braids and features, Bloom couldn’t help but post his comparisons on social media for all the world to see.

Elf stole my look!” He wrote in a humorous Instagram post. “When your blond locks get a revamp…and improved upon!”

In a collage he made himself, his character stares side-by-side with hers roughly 16 years apart. Many people agreed that her character had a much more “viking” feel and wasn’t quite as “elegant” as his, but that they could basically be twins.

Regardless of how completely identical similar their character’s seem in the few snapshots we’ve seen so far, they are expected to be very different when the show airs.

The amusing “feud” has some vowing to re-watch the iconic trilogy over the weekend and remember why they fell in love with Bloom’s character in the first place.

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