Celebrity Boasts That Nothing Happened When He Stared At The Eclipse…One Day Later? Oops.

Joey Bada$$, a rapper who apparently thought his eyes were beyond the reach of scientific research, boasted that staring into the solar eclipse wasn’t going to hurt anyone. Despite the actual data proving him wrong, countless demonstrations as to why the solar eclipse is not, in fact, like “looking at the sun,” he thought that he knew better. Well, in a crazy twist of events, people are now wondering if the rapper has actually sustained injuries after a strange round of Tweets.People were quick to make fun of him, asking why he thought it was a good idea and if he had even paid any attention to why a solar eclipse is so dangerous to stare at without glasses…but he brushed their concerns off.

He claims to have “sungazed” before, enjoying the colors he saw dancing around in his vision all day. But a solar eclipse is different.

The damage that happens to the retinas might not show up right away, and it won’t make a person “blind.” It will, however, damage the vision by making it difficult or even impossible to focus on things directly in front of them, such as reading, driving, or seeing objects clearly.

24 hours later, his team released this statement on his Twitter account:
While there isn’t any news as to why it was suddenly cancelled after the tweet boasting his “sungazing” fun, people are pretty sure that it had something to do with his vision.


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