Cat’s Family Throws A Quinceanera For Her 15th Birthday!

Little Luna was discovered wandering the streets at just 3 weeks old. She was barely big enough to survive on her own, but when the Olavarria family found her, they couldn’t turn her away. They spoiled her with love and attention in the years that followed, so when mom decided to order a little pink dress for Luna, no one thought that it was very strange.

As Luna’s life continued and she approached her 15th birthday (a huge milestone for a cat!), the family decided to throw a party just for her.Luna had already outlived their other pets, so seeing her reach such an old age made the celebration all the more special. They made her a cake, a cheeseball, and kitty-friendly food for her to nibble on.

The entire family came together to celebrate the life of their cat, including members from their extended family! There were 12 guests in total and they shared their favorite memories about Luna and had a good time! Luna’s favorite parts were getting to eat her cake…and feasting on a can of tuna all to herself!

This is one beloved cat, and hopefully, she’ll stick around for many years to come!

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