Cat Sanctuary Was Burgled Leaving 3 Cats Killed. Fundraiser EXPLODES With Donations In Response!

The Ty Nant Cat Sanctuary was broken into one night, and workers discovered a horrific sight. 10 cats were missing/stolen and 3 cats were injured so badly that they passed away before they were found. Two troublemakers broke into a room that housed the sanctuary’s older cats and caused mayhem, breaking and destroying things. And 18 and 15-year-old were apprehended by the police but are still under investigation as it is not clear whether they are responsible.

The sanctuary only wanted to raise $1,500 in order to repair the damages done to their facility and purchase new items and food stuffs for their cats. What they never expected was a huge rush of donations from all over the world! So far, over $25,000 has been given to the sanctuary and they are ecstatic! They are touched at the generosity of animal lovers everywhere and have big plans to improve their sanctuary.8.11a6

They plan to implement stronger security features, create a higher standard of living for their current kitty residents, and provide a cozy place to live for future cats that come into their facility.

They also plan to have an “opening day” where donors and members of the public can take an extensive tour through their newly repaired buildings and see just how their donations have been spent (and of course to play with the cats!), as well as a break down of current costs.

While the incident was tragic, they are trying to turn the experience into a positive one, caring for the cats in their community with the love and devotion that they deserve!

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