Cat Nurses Six Orphaned Skunks Who Were Abandoned By Their Mother One Week After Being Born

In Alberta, six week-old skunks were suddenly without a mother when she refused to nurse them any longer. At a loss for what to do, the caretakers decided to try something that they weren’t sure would work!

Misty, a farm cat nearby, had just finished weaning five kittens of her own when the skunks were given to her. At first she didn’t accept them. They weren’t cats and were nothing like her own kittens…but in the time span of about a day, she gradually let them nurse. She grew closer to the little skunks, and eventually adopted them into her care and treated them just like her own kittens!When visitors would arrive, she would grab her babies and show them off, almost as if she were bragging about her new babies!

The young skunks began to thrive, and soon, they didn’t need to nurse any longer. Saying goodbye to their adopted mother, the little skunks were able to resume their lives with a fresh start!

When her story went viral, others began to share that their own pets had done something similar with abandoned skunks! Itisn’t extremely common, but the ability to nurse and foster the infants of a different species is commendable!

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