Cat Isn’t Liking This Dog Product One Bit

We just can’t seem to get enough cat cuteness on the internet. If you’re an avid fan that searches for feline craziness every day, then you should watch this funny video. It wouldn’t take long to help you realize why a leash is put mostly on dogs and almost impossible on cats.

“Do everything you can, human, but you’ll never win,” says the cat who’s been dragged across the floor for minutes, but to no avail. The owner might have let the cat walk down the stairs, but when they’ve reached the door, it suddenly laid flat once again with no plans to move at all.

This incredibly funny video serves as another lesson for everyone that cats always win on the internet. Although we humans can only bare witness as they slowly rule the world, at least we can watch their adorable videos and have a good laugh again and again.

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