Cat Gets Returned To Shelter TWICE For Being “Too Affectionate”

When looking for a new cat, potential families usually want an animal to be “cuddly,” but what they might not realize is that not all cats are the same. They have different personalities with different quirks that can sometimes be destructive if they go “too far.” For this cat, his overflow of affection was too much for the families to handle and they returned him soon after adopting him.

Percy, the 3-year-old cat, showed his affection by biting. When he got too excited by snuggles or playing, he nipped, and when he showed his new humans his belly, he would swat them if they touched it. But Caroline recognized the signs of an affectionate cat and knew that she would be the perfect human to care for him. She knew that cats can sometimes show their tummies when they feel comforted and at peace, and that for Percy, he was expressing his happiness and not actually asking for contact.

Caroline’s second goal was to teach Percy how to control his bite. “Bite inhibition” is simple to learn, and she took the time to teach Percy how to control the strength of his bite when he got excited. Instead of causing harm, now he is able to show his affection without causing any harm to Caroline or her other animals.

Now, he is perfectly happy…and won’t be returned again!

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