Cat Cafe Shocked When 80+ Cats Are Adopted Since Opening Their Doors

A cat cafe in Australia has been making an incredible difference in the world of animal adoption, and their success is inspiring others to follow in their footsteps!

Because MeowMe Cat Cafe lets customers hang out with cats and kittens while they make their purchases, study, or just relax from a long day, 15 cats each day get to meet and greet hundreds of strangers. Many of the people who meet and interact with the cats would never have made time in their days to go to their local animal shelters, much less make an adoption.

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The cafe didn’t want people to miss out on having an adorable furry friend just because they didn’t connect with a picture of a cat on social media. While many adoption centers get the word out about the cats that are available for adoption, a lot of people aren’t going to take the time to find out whether a particular cat would be a good fit because it can get too complicated.  The cafe makes the meetings between strangers and friends nearly effortless. Diners can meet cats, get to know them, and in many case (more than 80 so far!) leave with a furry friend! Because the cats are already familiar with the people coming to see them, transitions from the cafe to their new homes is usually fairly effortless.The cafe is making a big difference and hopes to continue working with local shelters to re-home as many stray and surrendered kitties as possible in the coming year!

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