Cat Beds Are A Waste Of Money. Here’s The Proof:

Cat owners are no stranger to a feline’s love of cardboard boxes and warm keyboards, but cats love to be comfortable, no matter who gets in the way. In some odd cases, the thing getting in the way might actually be the cat’s actual bed.

Cat beds can be pricey, but sometimes, those little kitties just don’t appreciate the effort we put into their comfort!

This guy bought a bed for the new litter. They didn’t appreciate it as much as he thought they should.This cat’s bed is literally worse than garbage. Apparently.This fancy bed cost a LOT online. It even came with a personal mouse to play with!

Pickles didn’t care.Instead of sitting in the $40 plush cat bed, Mr. Sniffles decided to sit in the $3 instant noodle box instead. Well played, Mr. Sniffles.Have you been through this before?! We may as well just use cardboard boxes.

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