Cashier Was So Delighted By Toddler’s Antics, He Wanted To Do Something Special

Mom was out running some errands with her husband when she finally entered the checkout line at her local Walmart. It had been a long day and she’d had to bring along her son, who was having a rough day as well. The cash register was lined with temptations. Candies, chips, chocolates, and toys were nearly within reach of the boy, but what really caught his attention was a Paw Patrol balloon – one of his favorite shows to watch on television!

Their cashier noticed the boy’s interest in the balloon and grabbed it from the register.

I buy for him,” the cashier said in broken English, a huge smile on his face.
Mom tried to explain that her son didn’t need a balloon, but was thankful that he had the desire to make a gift of it. The cashier insisted again, pulling out his wallet and intent on making the child smile.

Her heart was touched! The cashier, Kalid, was clearly not from the United States but was determined to make each day as happy as possible.

Mom thanked him and let him give her son the balloon, snapping a quick picture of the adorable moment in the process. She hopes that he’ll see his kind and selfless gesture as it goes viral, and know that his efforts were appreciated!

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